Commercial & Industrial Hot Water Heating Solutions

CO2 heat pumps are environmentally friendly, high performance and offer superior energy efficiency to future proof your business.

How much are you spending on natural gas? If your answer is way too much, we have a great solution for you which will reduce your costs significantly and it is sustainable, environmentally friendly without quantifying your carbon footprint.

At DCP we offer leading solutions that is the least invasive, cost effective, and adaptable recognizing our customers’ needs are changing. We have expanded our services to offer decarbonization of your heating or processing needs by eliminating the use of natural gas as your primary source and replacing it with CO2 (R744).

What Can This Do For You?

This cutting-edge technology can deliver medium to high water temperatures and is the ideal replacement for any company using a gas fired boiler for heating water. With rising costs of gas and the potential of gas being phased out it, we at DCP are offering a means to future-proof your business.

The Technical Stuff

Natural gas is composed of 70-90% methane which is a major contributor to global warming with a global warming potential (GWP) of 27-30 over 100 years compared to CO2 which has a low GWP of 1.

Thermodynamic machines such as heat pumps are measured by a metric system called coefficient of performance (COP) this explains how efficiently a unit moves heat from one place to another. A natural gas boiler has a COP between 0.7 to 0.83. This loss in efficiency is due to the heat loss through the exhaust stack during combustion of natural gas. A heat pump has a high COP of 2.7 to 6 so a heat pump is far superior in energy efficiency.

What We Do

At DCP we

  • problem solve
  • offer site assessments
  • we work with you from design to implementation
  • have trained technicians performing the installation
  • ongoing technical and hands-on support
  • site optimisations, remote monitoring and energy analysis
  • Ongoing service and maintenance

Contact us now to experience the future of heating with DCP. Decarbonization starts here.